10 Signs That Mean You Need to Visit Your Dentist

July 24, 2022by Daniel Skillman

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis becomes a little challenging when you turn into an adult. Schedules can get busy because of work or personal life and routine medical checkups take the backseat.

The thing is – regular brushing is not enough to keep dental health in tip-top shape. This is why it is essential to do have your teeth and gums checked two to three times a year. Even if your teeth look healthy on the surface, it is still possible to have minor issues that can go unnoticed.

Watch out for these signs, which can be an indication of dental health problem:

1. You feel pain

Pain is a common indicator that there’s something wrong. Check what area of your mouth the pain is coming from and if there is any swelling on the gums.

2. Your gums feel sensitive

You might feel your gums acting up – puffy, sensitive and might even draw blood when brushing or flossing.

3. Feeling self-conscious of your smile

If you are no longer comfortable flashing a grin, you are most likely embarrassed with your smile. Your dentist can help you with your dental issues, whether it’s a missing tooth or stained teeth.

4. You have an ongoing medical condition

Those who have ongoing medical issues can be more prone to get tooth or gum infections. Some of these conditions include diabetes, heart disease, eating disorders and HIV.

5. You are pregnant

It is absolutely safe and necessary to visit your dentist when you are pregnant. During this time, your body is dealing with a lot of hormonal changes, which can affect your teeth and gums.

6. It’s hard to chew or swallow

If you are not comfortable chewing food, you might have an infection or inflammation. Temporarily avoid chewy and crunchy food until you can schedule an appointment.

7. You’re mouth feels constantly dry

Feeling constantly parched can be a symptom of another medical problem. Dry mouth can also give bad breath. To get to the bottom of this issue, visit a health professional for diagnosis.

8. You smoke cigarettes

Smoking tobacco or cigarettes is harmful to your dental and overall health. Smokers are more prone to getting gum infections and badly damaged molars.

9. You have pain in the jaw area

People with dental issues may experience some pain when the jaw is opening and closing. This can occur when you are eating, yawning or chewing when you just woke up. You might also feel your jaw pop when opening your mouth.

10. You see spots and sores

Sores inside the mouth, as well as strange-looking spots are warnings that there is something wrong with your health. Mouth sores that last for more than a week can be indicators of a disease or infection.

Don’t wait until the symptoms add up before you schedule a visit to the dentist. Ignoring warning signs can just result in even more problems, which will be even harder and more expensive to treat.


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