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Saddleback Dental was founded on the principal of common sense dentistry.

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Our number one goal is to provide the highest quality dental care by utilizing the latest in dental technology with the gentle, family quality care. We offer a unique, relaxing, and friendly atmosphere allows everyone, from children to adults, enjoy returning for future visits.

Skillful dental technician showing anatomy of dental implant


Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Implants provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth.

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Dentist examines the teeth, dental clinic

Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, also called wisdom teeth, are the last set of permanent teeth to erupt in a person’s mouth and are the ones least needed for good dental health.

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Dentist demonstrates the perfect smile of the patient after implatation of dental veneers


A veneer improves the appearance of the visible front surface of a tooth by covering it with a wafer-thin, custom-made shell of tooth-colored porcelain.

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Whitening teeth procedure during visit at dentist.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening enhances the brightness of natural teeth; but it’s not for everyone. Discuss it with your Dentist before you take action.

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Root Canal Treatment. An Endodontist Preparing Patient for Root Canal Treatment.

Root Canals

Root canal treatment removes the diseased pulp along with the tooth’s nerve (located within a tooth’s root canal).

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Close-up hands of a male doctor dentist hygienist examining for cavities and gum disease

Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround and support your teeth. It is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.

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Close up of dentist using dentures while explaining dental procedure to patient at dental clinic.

Dental Dentures

If you have lost some or all of your natural teeth, dentures can be used to replace your missing teeth – improving your health as well as your appearance.

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High-qualified dental technician choosing proper size and color of dental crown


A dental crown restores a tooth’s shape, size, and strength. It fully encases the visible portion of your tooth or dental implant.

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Dental implant model dental bridge in hand, dentist office background


A bridge (or partial denture) is a custom-made replacement for one or more missing teeth that literally “bridges the gap.”

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I had a great experience at Saddleback Dental! The staff was friendly and professional, and the office was clean and comfortable. The dentist took time to explain everything to me and made sure I was comfortable throughout my entire procedure. I highly recommend Saddleback Dental to anyone in need of dental care."
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