3 Reasons Why Water Makes Teeth Healthier

January 2, 2018by Daniel Skillman

Water is one of the most underrated beverages. It is a lot more accessible and inexpensive than other more popular drinks but it still does not get the credit it deserves. The truth is – water is a miracle drink and should be treated as such. Our body has about 60% water content and we need to maintain a good amount of hydration so we can function well. When hydration level drops, our health becomes dangerously at risk of sickness and diseases.

There are countless of benefits your body gets from drinking water. Aside from providing nourishment to our bodies, water also has positive effects on dental health.

It washes away bacteria.

One of the most basic steps of cleaning your mouth is swishing water around to wash away leftover food particles. Aside from the swishing motion that kicks out unwanted residue, this neutral drink also dilutes the acid from the bad bacteria in the mouth.

Other liquids may still be used to wash away bacteria in the mouth but if they contain sugar and other acids, they may leave sugary residue that will add even more bacteria in your mouth. Water is the best option for washing off food particles in your mouth because it is sugar-free and also calorie-free.

It effectively gets rid of dry mouth.

Dry mouth is a common occurrence that happens when your glands are not working properly. This could be caused by stress, nervousness, medications, aging or autoimmune diseases. When the mouth is not supplied with the right amount of saliva, this can cause irritation and also increase bacteria production in your mouth.

A swig of water can quickly lessen the effects of dry mouth, activating your glands to work on producing saliva. Water instantly replenishes and gives you that refreshing feeling, relieving dry mouth and itchy throats. If this persists, it could be caused by an underlying illness that you may need to get checked.

It can strengthen teeth.

Water that contains fluoride does wonders for the teeth. Fluoride is a natural mineral that effectively strengthens your teeth and even repairs early stages of tooth decay. Typically, almost all water has some fluoride content but there is also a special kind of fluoridated water that contains a high percentage of fluoride for the purpose of helping prevent tooth decay.

How does fluoride work? When you drink water with a high fluoride content, it is absorbed by the teeth’s enamel and nourishes it back to health by replenishing the lost calcium and phosphorous. The minerals harden the enamel and protect them from acids and bacteria.

Of course, proper hydration needs to be coupled with excellent dental hygiene to ensure your teeth will last a long time. It is not enough to just keep drinking water, no matter how high its fluoride content, if you do not properly clean your mouth on a daily basis. Brush at least two times a day and floss regularly to eliminate food residue in between teeth. Additionally, do not slack off on those dentist visits. Make it a priority to have your teeth professionally cleaned and checked twice a year.


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