5 Healthy Holiday Snacks To Keep Your Oral Health In Tip-Top Shape

December 5, 2017by Daniel Skillman

Holidays are more than just about gift-giving and cheers. More often than not, this is also a season of eating and drinking merrily. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the festivities with food, it is still necessary to consider their health repercussions on your teeth.

We all know that the holidays are celebrated with sugary treats, which can cause serious damage to your smile. Instead of the usual harmful snacks, why not shake things up a bit with healthy and fresh options that are not just delicious but will also be less hazardous to your pearly whites.

1. Cheesy Reindeers

This easy to do snack, which is a great source of calcium, does not require any cooking at all. Just cut up portions of cheese shaped into triangles and use olives or cherries to add details for the eyes and nose. Finish with mini pretzels for a pair of ears.

2. Grinch Poppers

Replace the usual sugary candy bits with and olive snacks, topped with hat-shaped fruit slices for an attractive and healthy bite-sized treat. Instead of marshmallow, use strawberries and bananas as healthier alternatives.

3. Pita Treat Appetizers

These cute treats are super festive but also really healthy! It requires a little more effort in preparation but the snack will be a sure hit for your holiday guests. Slice pita breads in tree shapes and top with low-fat sour cream mixed with guacamole. Finish the spread and add bright, festive colors with red bell peppers sliced in cubes and arranged as garlands for the Christmas tree.

4. Black Olive Penguins

They are not just healthy, they also look really cute. These penguin snacks are simple to make and also are great table toppers. Slice black olives in half and fill center with cream cheese to replicate a penguin’s color. Finish each piece with cut up carrots, which will be the penguins’ feet and beaks. Keep everything skewered together with a toothpick.

5. Spinach Artichoke Frittata Trees

With a mixture of spinach, artichoke, cheese and garlic, these snacks are sure to give your guests a healthy boost. These can also be substituted with other greens like broccoli, asparagus, parsley or whatever you prefer. Shaped into little trees, these tiny treats are packed with nutrients that will help keep your healthy smile.

6. Egg Snowmen

These snowmen snacks for the holidays are too adorable, you might have a hard time putting them in your mouth! Made from layered hard-boiled eggs, this treat offers protein and Vitamin D, which helps strengthens teeth. Decorate the eggs with carrots and peppercorn to give more details to the snowmen.

Make sure to keep your dental hygiene in check, especially during the holiday season when unhealthy food and sweets are everywhere. Regular brushing and flossing is essential to rid your mouth of the bad bacteria that gets trapped after each meal. Also, you might want to schedule a quick dentist visit right after the holiday season to ensure your oral health is still in ideal conditions.


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