How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

December 12, 2017by Daniel Skillman

Keeping your teeth healthy takes a lot of work and this is especially true during the holiday season. Because unhealthy food, sweets and acidic beverages are everywhere, even the most rigorous dental hygiene fan might have a challenging time maintaining their regular teeth cleaning routine.

The popular Hermey the Elf, partnered with American Dental Association to educate and remind everyone how to deal with these dental issues during the holidays. Expressing his passion to help people and his interest in dental health, Hermey dreamed of being a dentist in the classic Rudolph movie. Decades after, the American Dental Association gave the adorable elf the Dental Do Gooder award to recognize his passion and love for the field of dentistry.

Keeping his promise to help out, Hermey the Elf along with ADA, recently released a simple guideline to keep kids and families maintain a healthy smile even after all the unhealthy eating during the holidays. If you need help in making sure your children’s oral health is in tip-top shape, listen to Hermey’s advice.

Drink lots of water

Water is oftentimes underrated but it is a basic cleaning tool that’s also easily available. Swish water around to clean the inside of your mouth after a meal. Aside from being an instant mouthwash, water is also a great diet tool. Instead of bingeing on soda and alcoholic drinks, just drink water!

Follow a regular routine

Professional dentists and dental hygienists recommend brushing twice daily. Hermey the Elf follows this rule – brushing two times a day for about two minutes. Choose toothpaste that’s fluoride rich and has the ADA seal to ensure you are getting the right protection.

Add carrots into your diet

We know that there are lots of cookies, candies, chocolates and other gooey snacks around this time of the year but having too much of these can be hazardous to your teeth. If you are feeling the munchies, grab carrots, apples or celeries instead. These alternatives are sugar free and rich in nutrients, helping improve your oral health.

Remember to protect your teeth

If you are participating in any kind of sports, especially contact sports, this holiday season, remember to protect your chompers. Wear a mouth guard, even if you think you don’t need. You never know how a game might run and it you won’t want to risk damaging your smile.

Visit the dentist

There may be lots of reunions, parties and feasts on your schedule this season but that shouldn’t excuse you from making a trip to the dentist. The ADA and Hermey strongly advise to prioritize dentist visits even during the holidays. Delaying a checkup, cleaning or extraction is just going to make dental problems worse.

Of course, good dental hygiene should be practiced all year long and not just during the holiday season. Once you learn to stick to a regular routine, your teeth and mouth will be rid of bacteria even if you do decide to occasionally binge on some unhealthy treats. Just follow Hermey the Elf’s simple guideline for a healthy, zero-cavity smile.

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